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These incense sticks are carefully made using precious essential oils extracted from flowers/ seeds. It features a natural and soft scent of only natural essential oils. It contains neither any coloring nor charcoal to whiten the ash.

Jasmine by the window: TS01

Lavender hill: TS02

Lotus pond: TS03

Wild rose forest: TS04

Anemone's path:TS05

Box: 40×165×25 mm

Incense stick: 135 mm

<Types of scents>

Jasmine by the window: A mellow scent of jasmine that retains a gorgeous yet fresh scent.

Lavender hill: A fresh scent of lavender reminiscent of refreshing green note.

Lotus pond: A gentle and deep scent of lotus that embraces you tenderly and makes you feel nostalgic.

Wild rose forest: A soft and elegant scent of lovely and pretty wild roses.

Anemone's path: The scent of modest and lovely anemone is expressed with natural vanilla.