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Incense stick that can be used for both of prayer and healing with a gentle scent like fresh flowers. When you pray, you will naturally heal yourself. Incense is said to purify the mind, body, time and space. Praying is healing, a wonderful daily habit.

Cherry: INORIS01

Osmanthus: INORIS02

Lily of the valley: INORIS03

Wisteria: INORIS04

Lotus: INORIS05

Box: 80×95×25 mm

Incense stick: 90 mm

Types of scents

Cherry: A soft and gentle scent of light pink cherry blossoms

Osmanthus (Fragrant olive): Small golden flowers, sweet and nostalgic scent of osmanthus

Lily of the valley: A clean and transparent scent of pure lily of the valley

Wisteria: The fresh and elegant scent of wisteria swaying in the breeze

Lotus: A mellow and refreshing scent of lotus