Cherry Blossom Incense / Paulownia Box



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A pure Japanese-style package with a paulownia box wrapped in Japanese paper and decorated with a cherry branch. We confined the cherry blossom season that is passing by in an instant, in incense.

Someiyoshino (Someiyoshino cherry): SKR01

Yaezakura (Double flowered cherry): SKR02

Hazakura (Cherry tree in leaf): SKR03

Box: 105×75×23 mm

Incense: 65 mm, 40 incense sticks in a box

Someiyoshino (Someiyoshino cherry): The fluffy and gentle scent of Someiyoshino with light pink petals.

Yaezakura (Double flowered cherry): The sweet scent of double flowered cherry blossoms that blooms in multiple layers.

Hazakura (Cherry tree in leaf): A faint residual scent that floats in the fresh green.