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Incense sticks that contain rare soil and tourmaline ore powder that have the effect of purifying the air. This air purifying effect is resistant to high temperatures, and by burning incense, it makes the space in the room cleaner. The scent is made from natural oil and has a refreshing and transparent scent.

White musk: IONH01

English garden: IONH02

Canadian forest: IONH03

Pink grapefruit: IONH04

Oriental herb: IONH05

Ultramarine: IONH06

Box: 40×165×25 mm

Incense stick: 135 mm, 20 incense sticks

<Types of scents>

White musk: The transparent scent of white musk that gives a sense of depth even in lightness

English Garden: A bright and gentle scent that makes you feel like walking in a rose park in full bloom

Canadian Forest: A refreshing scent of trees that makes you feel like taking a walk in Komorebi (when sunlight filters through the trees).

Pink Grapefruit: A fresh, sweet and sour scent peculiar to freshly cut pink grapefruit

Oriental herb: A natural and refreshing scent of Japanese herb shiso perilla.

Ultramarine: A refreshing scent of transparent and refreshing mint.