Softly Scented Card Incense -Japanese Design Package-



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The popular "Softly Scented Card Incense" now comes in a Japanese package.

It can be used in a business card holder, pouch, or even as a bookmark in a book, and it will give off a faint scent every time you open the page.

It won’t get in the way in your wallet, and your bills will have a faint, pleasant scent.

Every time you open your bag, you'll be healed by the softly wafting scent.


Contents: 1 sheet
Scent lasting: Approx. 3 months
Package size: 80 x 115 mm
Body size: 50 x 75 mm
(Note) Thermal paper receipts may discolor if placed next to this product.

Scent of peach-colored bouquet:
   Image of a fresh and lovely bouquet of flowers
Scent of wild flowers blooming in a meadow:

Refreshing scent with clean green notes and a cool, refreshing feeling

Scent of gardenia:

The delicate scent that wafts from pure white flowers. A deep, noble scent