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This series is inspired by “Fushikaden (Flowering Spirit)”, the ultimate art theory written by Zeami, the great master of Noh, who deeply pursued “beauty” for the Japanese people, and we have created a series of scent to express this idea.

In the spirit of “If it is hidden it is the Flower” and “If it is not hidden, it is not the Flower”, we tried to create a scent that is profoundly elegant and yet has a single core.

The incense plate that matches the incense is a picture plate with a subdued look, depicting the original scenery of Japan from long ago.

The small yet sturdy incense holder with a shiny silver color is very stable.

Cherry Blossom:

Speaking of Japanese flowers, it's definitely “cherry blossoms”.

It expresses not only the ephemerality but also the dignified appearance of cherry blossoms.


Lotus” is known as the flower of Buddha.

It expresses the core image of the lotus, which is firmly rooted in a muddy swamp and blooms in its own vivid colors.


“Bamboo” is the original scenery of Japan's satoyama (undeveloped woodland near populated area).

It was designed to harmonize with the refreshing scent of bamboo.

Contents: 1 porcelain incense plate, 1 incense holder

Incense plate diameter: approx. 8.3cm

Incense holder diameter: approx. 1cm

Outer bag: 12cm x 11cm

Made in Japan