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It is an incense made with the concept of "giving a relaxing time as a gift". The deep scent of the finest fragrant wood loved since ancient times makes you feel solemn as if you were in a historical novel.

Rozan Sandalwood: DKS01

Tani Agarwood: DKS02

Box: 70 × 255 × 37 mm

Incense: 170 mm, 30 incense sticks with an incense holder 

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Rozan Sandalwood: Contains 60% Rozan sandalwood, the finest sandalwood from Mysore, India. A hint of sweetness occasionally appears in the crisp freshness.

Tani Agarwood: A perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness, with just a hint of bitterness giving depth to the scent. Contains 60% Tani Agarwood from Kalimantan.