“8 min. Incense Sandalwood & Agarwood" and "Incense Holder Iori (Hermitage)-Leaf-" [set]



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A set of the popular "8 min. Incense", “Sandalwood" and "Agarwood" to enjoy the scent of authentic fragrant wood, and an Incense Holder Iori (Hermitage) “Leaf".


You can choose either gold or silver for the Incense Holder Iori (Hermitage) “Leaf”.


It will be delivered in a special box, so it is perfect for gifts.

As the name suggests, 8 min. Incense has a burning time of about 8 minutes.

Go on a "scent trip" with your favorite scent in a little gap time.


"8 min. Incense "

Contents: Sandalwood: 30 incense sticks / Agarwood: 20 incense sticks

Incense length: about 45mm

Burning time: about 8 minutes


"Incense Holder Iori (Hermitage) -Leaf-"

Designed like an antique brooch.

It has a solid and stable structure.


Box: 19×7.5×3.0 mm