Tea Leaf & Coffee / Trial Set



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Case: 145×160×5 mm

Incense stick: 135 mm

A scent that does not interfere with breakfast and is familiar to the dining room.

As it contains natural deodorant ingredients, the room scent is refreshed. A healthy scent spreads throughout the room.

<Types of scents>
Morning coffee: Charcoal roasted bittersweet freshly ground coffee aroma
Morning tea: Elegant and refined Darjeeling tea scent
Morning Gyokuro (high quality green tea): A deep and slightly sweet high-quality gyokuro scent
Osmanthus teaA scent of osmanthus, whose small orange flowers give off fragrance as an autumn tradition.
Jasmine Tea: A mellow scent of jasmine that retains a gorgeous yet fresh scent.

Original packages with company name, store name and/or logo are also available, and we accept orders from 100 pieces.