June 16, 2022

Zuko (powder incense used for hand) and cat.

Zuko (powder incense used for hand) and cat.

(The following is translation of the email which was sent to Japanese customers.)


I'm Y from You You Ang.

How are you doing?


The rainy season has arrived in the blink of an eye. It has become a busy season for washing clothes and tending to the plants and trees when it is sunny.



I come home near 9 o'clock every day, and almost every night a little fur ball awaits me. There are a total of 6 members, and they change on a whimsical daily basis. Last night, "Tama" was waiting for me in the light rain.


It's about two years ago. The cat came when I was having a BBQ in the garden on a holiday evening. With a calm gesture, it never runs away, but it does not come to the distance to touch. It just sat quietly and joined the BBQ. The next week, the cat came in the same way. A typical stray cat which is surly and whose gender and age cannot be judged. I named that cat "Tama" (recently found to be a male), because it is too long to call him "that cat" and since then he's been called "Tama". Now he turns around and talks "meow" when I call him from upstairs in the house.


When I am doing product planning, I tend to want to be straightforward and express the quality of the product's ingredients or the scent of the product. Of course, this is very important, and I have always done so, but if the products are always too serious, both the customer and the creator may feel suffocated.


That's where "Tama" and "Chibi" (which I'll explain next time) are introduced.




I drew a figure lying on the deck like a landlord, and a glimpse of me with a sideways glance (Laughs). I can't draw without studying their poses more, so I have to get along better. When the day comes when I can hold them, I want to take them to the vet. I won't give up until they get used to me!


The important story of zuko (powder incense for hand) has come later. Our "Zuko/Iris" which is breaking out this spring was ranked 5th in the My Best.com / Zuko Recommendation Ranking.



"Rozan sandalwood" was featured in the article, but we also recommend "100% Natural Lavender". The refreshing and cool scent is perfect for the coming season. I apply it to my shoulders at work to prevent stiff shoulders. That's not how it’s supposed to be used, but it feels so good. (Laughs) Please try it.

Sandalwood お線香 お香