October 05, 2023

The weekend, when it’s autumn at once

The weekend, when it’s autumn at once


(The following is translation of the e-mail which was sent to Japanese customers.)



How are you doing?


The mornings and evenings have become brisk and refreshing. Since the end of September, the season has turned into autumn at once.

It has been a hectic time with many business trips and meetings, but I need to take a break! That is why I visited the Nakanojo Gardens, where the Autumn Rose Garden Fair has started. This year there were many hot days even in September, so the flowers seemed to be blooming earlier than usual. I think they are about 60% blooming.


This is a stroll garden that is rare in Japan. It is a wonderful place where professional gardeners bring out the charm of each theme and season.



In addition to roses, I also could see lovely cosmos and asagimadara (chestnut tiger butterfly) that came to suck the nectar from fujibakama (boneset).



Asagimadara is a pretty butterfly with beautiful light blue wings. It is the only Japanese butterfly that migrates between Honshu and the Nansei Islands (islands near Okinawa), and can travel as far as 1,500 km in a straight line. The butterfly's wings flap gracefully, and it is amazing to see such a small body (forewing length is about 5 cm) making such a long journey!

The dreamy and beautiful garden is also a good reference for gardening. I promised myself, "First of all, I will pull out the weeds in my garden.


When I returned to my home covered with weeds, I found the local cat, who is in the garden every day looking like the master of the garden, napping on the table. I guess I woke her up.


The Japanese pampas grass has grown completely, just in time for the moon viewing. It is chic to admire the Mid-Autumn moon through the gaps in the clouds.



Autumn is the season for reading, eating, and dressing up.
Let's enjoy the pleasant season!