August 05, 2021

Change the incense burner ash 2times a year.

Change the incense burner ash 2times a year.

(The following is an English translation of the column for Japanese customers.)


I'm Y from You You Ang.

How are you doing?

As Obon (Obon is a traditional Japanese event to welcome the spirits of ancestors.) is coming, I will talk about the popular "Incense stick for prayer and healing" in a paulownia gift box and the incense burner ash "Sheep cloud".

Firstly, incense burner ash "Sheep cloud".

It is smooth, fluffy and pure white incense burner ash. The feature is that even if you put an incense stick deeply in this ash, it will burn to the end. It is a very popular product since its release. As you can burn an incense stick laying it on this ash, you can use it with confidence without worrying about the incense falling.

When the ash accumulates in the incense burner, the odor may transfer or it may not burn cleanly. If you use it every day, please replace it about twice a year, such as at the timing of Obon and the end of the year.

I use this "Sheep cloud " in a coffee cup. It's easy to move when you want to burn incense in another room, and cleaning is easy just by scooping the ashes with a spoon.


Then "Prayer and Healing" in a paulownia gift box, which is popular this year as well. After all it is the most popular. This series was the first incense stick for You You Ang to make.

Incense stick for prayer and healing/5 types in a paulownia gift box

This incense stick was born from the concept of an incense stick with a lively scent like a fresh flower. There are five types of flowers that color the four seasons of Japan: "Cherry that quietly colors spring, Wisteria that is graceful in its appearance, Lily of the valley that looks pretty, Lotus that blooms coolly, and Osmanthus whose cute little flowers give off fragrance."

The matching light-colored original wrapping paper is also very popular. We accept shipping with wrapping. Please let us know when you place an order.


It has been muggy at night. Please do not have too much cold food such as watermelon and take good care of yourself.


お盆 お線香 お香