March 27, 2024

Spirit of Scent of satoyama scenery

Spirit of Scent of satoyama scenery

(The following is translation of the e-mail which was sent to Japanese customers.)



How are you doing?


It is raining again today in Maebashi. It is a little warmer, but the buds of the cherry blossoms still look firm.

Mount Akagi, which we can usually see from the office, is completely hidden in the clouds.


Last weekend I had some work to do (crushing white sage leaves in the office), but early Saturday morning I heard that snow was forecast for Minakami (where the ski resort is located), so I hurriedly skipped the work in the morning.

I left home at 7:30 a.m. and went straight to the ski resort where snow was falling. I thought the season had been over, so I was excited to get a weather bonus. The snow continued to fall more and more, and I found that it was the softest snow of the season. All's well that ends well.


On the other hand, I missed the snowshoe trekking at Akagi, which is close to my house. I have been thinking every year that I have to go there at least once. I missed it again this year, so I will carry it over to next year.


I am impressed by the sight of the trees covered by snow like sugar candy, but I also love the simple beauty of nature at the foot of Mt. Akagi, which changes its expression with each season, and the gentle landscape of the satoyama (undeveloped woodland near populated area).

This is the roof of Suzumorino-yu, a day spa in Minakami. The source of the spring water is free-flowing, and I always stop by here on my way home from skiing.

I took this picture because it had a "(Yu)" mark (the same as the mark of YOUYOUANG).

(Yu" also means "hot water" in Japanese.)


I created "Spirit of Scent" with the image of a satoyama, which can be found anywhere in Japan, and this environment may have been the base of the design.

One of our customers said, "It would be nice to have this incense for each of 12 months," and I wanted to express the changes of the year with the incense.

It looks like I'm going to make more and more this incense like 8 min. Incense (laugh).


It looks like the cherry blossoms will start blooming around next week.

Please go out to see the cherry blossoms while they are in full bloom.