May 10, 2024

Sado Island Bicycle Training Camp and Card Incense Japanese Design

Sado Island Bicycle Training Camp and Card Incense Japanese Design

(The following is translation of the e-mail which was sent to Japanese customers.)


This is Kanako Yoshida from YOUYOUANG.
How are you doing?

It's almost the middle of the month once Golden Week consecutive holidays in Japan (GW) has passed, and soon it will be the rainy season.... It is hard for me to keep up with how fast the year goes by.

I have to train for a race (triathlon) on Sado Island this year as well, so I took my bicycle to the race venue, Sado Island, in the latter half of GW. This time, I took a car ferry from Niigata Port. It took just under the 3 hours one way.

I did some preliminary research, which was unusual for me, to do some cultural activities in case it rained. Thankfully (lol) I was blessed with wonderful weather and safely completed 230 km bike ride in two days. During the race, I don't have enough time to enjoy the wonderful coastline and the peaceful countryside, but this time I took pictures and noticed new was a very enjoyable trip.

There were terraced rice fields right down to the seashore. It was the first time for me to see this scenery. I'm sure that's where delicious Sado rice is born.

The sea in the early morning was quiet and beautiful, a world of silence without the sound of waves. It was so comfortable that I went outside at sunrise to stretch and take a walk...a service time of my life, a rewarding time.

I also stopped by the only Tsutaya bookstore on the island, and they had YOUYOUANG incense in a very nice place in front of the cash register. I was so happy that I offered to help them put them out. (Laughs)


Now, we have renewed the material of the "Card Incense" and it is very popular. A customer suggested that a Japanese-style design for the backing paper would be good, so we created a "Card Incense -Japanese Design-" with a moon and handwritten Seigaiha waves. It went on sale in May.


The incense can be used in a business card case, pouch, or even as a bookmark in a book, and it will give off a faint scent every time you open a page. It does not get in the way when you put it in your wallet, and your bills will smell slightly nice. It is rare to feel happy when you pay money (laugh), and the recipient should be happy to be surrounded by the scent. It makes you feel like you've done something good.


When I came home early in the morning and was unloading my stuff from the car, a local cat wandered in.

She didn't talk to me much, probably because she was angry that I was gone, but she looked like she wanted to say something.

She can get normal food from a neighbor's house, but it seems that I am in charge of the paste type special cat food.


The weather has been unstable with light rain for the past few days. Please take good care of yourself under the capricious sky that seems to be the beginning of the rainy season.