March 13, 2024

Resuming morning activities and skiing from the age of 55

Resuming morning activities and skiing from the age of 55

(The following is translation of the e-mail which was sent to Japanese customers.)



How are you doing?

The flowers have started to bloom here and there in my garden, which was so desolate because of the frost and wintry wind.

Just when I was about to give up and wonder if they will come out again this year because of the cold weather, they appear.... Nature is so dutiful, even though we don't take the time and effort to care for it. I am so grateful.

In fact, I was infected with the coronavirus in the middle of February, and it was probably the first time I had a 40-degree Celsius fever in my age. I spent 5 days in bed, and it was hard to even keep my eyes open, but finally, around the end of the month, I was able to get back on track.


Since this was a good opportunity for a fresh start, I resumed my "morning activities," which I had not done for a while. This time is my precious bonus, free time that I can use for whatever I want. For the past two weeks...


I wake up at 4:30 a.m. no matter what time I went to bed the night before, stretch for 10 minutes, and get up.

I wash my face and brush my teeth first because I'm sleepy.

I greet my father in the morning with my favorite incense.

I meditate for 20 minutes while wearing a pack.

Then I do 3 kinds of muscle training for 20 minutes.

When it gets light, I go for a light jog, or if it rains, I do some stretching or Zwift (indoor bike).

I read in the morning because I can't see well at night anymore.

I make lunch boxes to prevent forgetting to cook and because I am getting bored with lunch in the neighborhood.


So far, I'm practicing almost all of the above.

Now horsetail has appeared, so I'll have to add yard work (weeding) one of these days. I'll do my best...


Last Sunday might be the last day of this season? and I skipped the jogging and went skiing. It was snowing around the time I got off the Minnakami Interchange. It was the best powder snow of the year and I was so excited. I hope it will snow again next week.

I actually started skiing when I was 55 years old. I couldn't ski at all before that, so I started out in "children's land," where I went using a loose escalator with kindergarteners and skied down. I think it's easy to guess my ability even now, but I am very happy just to be able to ski the beginner course comfortably.

In the evening, I picked up my mother, made shirako (soft cod roe) nabe (hot pot dish) at home and had sake.... I fell asleep in a pretty good mood (lol). Then I woke up at 4:30 am again. When it is dark outside, I feel like I have more free time. (Laughs)


Cherry blossoms are now in full bloom, depending on the type.

March is a time of meeting and parting. (In Japan, March is the season for graduation.)

I sincerely wish all of you who are making a fresh start in a new environment the best of luck.