May 16, 2023

Onomichi and Shun Yoshino

Onomichi and Shun Yoshino

(The following is translation of the e-mail which was sent to Japanese customers.)



How are you doing?


After Golden Week consecutive holidays, we are now in mid "breezy May", the most pleasant season of the year, don't you think? The cats outside are lounging comfortably on the deck, and those who suffer from hay fever (pollen allergy) may finally be free from it.

In the latter half of GW, I visited Onomichi and Hiroshima. Onomichi has become famous as a town of cats. I heard that there is an art museum where cats come in through the entrance. (Laughs) I missed the video of the famous exchange between the cat and the security guard. There is also a small path named "Neko no Hosomichi" (Cat's Narrow Path) in the temple tour course.



I arrived in the evening, so I took a tipsy stroll along the moonlit wharf. I had my camera with me, so I was careful not to fall into the sea as I walked. This is a picture I took just after I arrived, a typical Onomichi-like composition. (Laughs) No matter how many times I come here, Onomichi is always a charming town.



On the last day of my holiday, I met with ceramic artist Shun Yoshino. He is a very popular artist, and when he holds a solo exhibition, his works are always sold out. He has made YOUYOUANG’s original incense plates and incense burners.

They are lovely, sharp and easy to use. I myself personally purchased one at his solo exhibition in Onomichi. I liked the comfort of using them so much that I am still using them today. Thank you.



It is a precious refreshing season before the rainy season, please be more active than ever.