October 17, 2022

Mt. Tanigawa Walk and Reading in Autumn.

Mt. Tanigawa Walk and Reading in Autumn.

(The following is translation of the email which was sent to Japanese customers.)



How are you doing?


It has become cooler in the morning and evening. It's completely autumn. It's a fun season to go around with a camera. It was an unexpectedly sunny weekend, so I did my housework and went to Mt. Tanigawa.



This time, I jogged (very light trail running) along the winding road instead of climbing. Amazing view of the mountains in autumn weather. Mt. Tanigawa, as expected, is very powerful. I got sweaty, so I dried myself on a bench at Ichinokurasawa and took a break. In high season, it is as crowded as Takeshita Street in Harajuku in Tokyo. But since the autumn leaves were still ahead, it was sparsely populated and I was able to relax and listen to the sound of the wind.




Looking at the map given at the entrance gate, I reached the river where the road disappeared and turned back, satisfied. Still, it was about 13 km round trip. It is enjoyable enough for a walk.



On the way back from Mt. Tanigawa, I passed through a hot spring resort town called Mizukami, and the apples along the road were turning red. They are glossy and pretty. I wonder if they will be on sale from the next week or so.



The new product "Indulgence in Reading" is scheduled to be released in November. I made it for the long nights of autumn, but the sun is setting early enough that I want to use it already. When it gets dark, I instinctively turn to a glass of wine or beer. But let's hold back and encourage reading while burning incense first. (Laughs) I write that, but I am sure that I am the one who can’t do it the most with an excuse like "I'm having a glass of wine at the harvest moon.


Lastly, here is the information of YOUYOUANG’s scent event.

We will be back on the 6th floor of Shibuya Hikarie, where our products were so well received!

The event will be held from October 20 to November 23. This time, there will be a full lineup of gift items. If you are in Shibuya, please stop by. New scents await you.


Morioka and Sapporo, which we previously announced, are continuing to do well! We are also holding the event in Ibaraki at the same time.

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