May 09, 2022

Mt Fuji and notice of the end of pop-up due to sold out

Mt Fuji and notice of the end of pop-up due to sold out

(The following is translation of the email which was sent to Japanese customers.)


I'm Y from You You Ang.

How are you doing?


I know it doesn't matter to most of you (laughs), but UTMF (Ultra Trail Mount Fuji) was held last week. It was the largest trail run race in Japan, running 100 miles (160km) around Mt. Fuji.


I had many friends who participated in it or went there to cheer runners, so I watched the race online at night! Everyone is amazing. Even a full marathon is very hard, but this race was four times harder than that ...


Aside from the race, Mt. Fuji is beautiful after all!



Mt. Fuji was said by mountaineer Messner to be "beautiful when viewed from a distance, but the dirtiest mountain in the world when viewed from a close distance." About 20 years ago, mountaineer Ken Noguchi initiated a clean-up mountaineering campaign. Now he says "All the garbage will be zero in a few years"! Not only thanks to Ken Noguchi and his colleagues for clean-up mountaineering, but our consciousness has changed in the last 20 years.


In his words, "To pollute the earth is to erode your heart." That sticks in my mind.


Animals and plants do not destroy the environment. It is humans who destroy. But we can change the future. The continuation of small things will eventually make a big difference. Looking at the beautiful Mt. Fuji and the brave people running through it, I really thought, "I want to stay in this beautiful environment in the future."




The photo shows the pop-up at "Recommend Market" on the basement floor of Gransta Tokyo in Tokyo Station, which was held from April 22 to 25. The event was a great success. Thank you very much!


The pop-up at "Tsunaguya" on the 5th floor of Shibuya Hikarie was also well received and the period was extended. It has ended due to the products being sold out. Thank you very much for your visit!


We are planning another pop-up in Aobadai in May.

We will introduce the details as soon as they are decided.

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