March 06, 2023

Thank you for coming to the gift show

Thank you for coming to the gift show

(The following is translation of the email which was sent to Japanese customers.)



How are you doing?


It's a beautiful sunny Monday in Maebashi today, but yesterday we had a so strong wind that it almost blew me off my feet. I'm sure it will be a full-blown spring after about one more snowfall.


I am very grateful for the many visitors to the "Tokyo Gift Show" held for 3 days from February 15th. Thank you very much.



It is a pleasure to meet new customers as well as to see old customers at this exhibition. The reason why I can say things like, "How long has it been since we met?" is because of the connections we have made with you. Thank you very much. Please continue to support YOUYOUANG from now on also.


After the exhibition, I left the hotel. The next day, I wanted to take a walk in the trees, so I went to my usual place, Akagi Nature Park in the afternoon. It's been 17 years since I moved to Maebashi, and I've become a mountain person. (smile)


There was still snow in the shade, and I found footprints that look like a wild rabbit.



 The rhododendron also had many large buds. The rhododendrons here are spectacular, and when they are in full bloom, you will feel as if you are walking in a dream. I am looking forward to seeing them again in May of this year.



Since last week, we have been holding an event at "Coach and Four Tsukuba". We focused on seasonal incense to match the "cherry blossom season". The white-based, clean and spacious sales floor is very easy to see books, miscellaneous goods, accessories and stationery, which are the main products, and it is very comfortable to stay there for hours.



This weekend, I will run the Tokyo Marathon, which I have been waiting for three years. I'm very worried because I haven't practiced enough, but I'll do my best to finish the race.

The cold weather is almost over, so let's welcome healthy spring.