April 30, 2021

Letter from You You Ang

Letter from You You Ang

I'm Yoshida from You You Ang..
How are you doing?

The sunshine in Maebashi today is like early summer.
I'm working on a T-shirt for the first time this year, oh comfortable!

Before the Golden Week vacation (a collection of public holidays in May on the Japanese calendar), we took a video for an overseas website of You You Ang at "Rinkokaku", an important cultural property. "Rinkokaku" is a Shoin-zukkuri (traditional style of Japanese residential architecture) style building built in the Meiji era as a guesthouse. The garden along the Tone River was also beautiful and it was a wonderful space.

The feeling of waved reflection that is peculiar to old glass is irresistible. I love this kind of taste. When the sun shines on the corridor that surrounds the Japanese-style room with bamboo blinds, the "time" that transcends time and space, slowly flows. I wondered what kind of people spent here at that time, during the video shooting.

On a warm day like today, please enjoy the natural insect repellent incense. The scent is not smoky but refreshing and it can be used like incense. The burning time is less than 2 hours for the coil type and about 1 hour for the stick type.

It's a fun time to spend the morning and evening on the balcony or by the window. After work, I sometimes have a "Beer first!" Day on the deck before preparing dinner.

Give yourself time to be vague, and bring a safe insect repellent incense.

Please love yourself as hot season is approaching.