November 22, 2023

It's getting colder, so today I'm going to talk about udon.

It's getting colder, so today I'm going to talk about udon.

(The following is translation of the e-mail which was sent to Japanese customers.)



How are you doing?

The mornings and evenings are getting colder, and the stove is now playing an active role.

Today's lunch was "Nabeyaki Udon (wheat noodle served hot in a pan)" for the first time this season.

Perhaps because Gunma prefecture produces a lot of wheat and buckwheat flour, the prefecture has a variety of udon with unique characteristics, such as "Mizusawa udon" from the approach to Mizusawa-dera Temple, one of the three most famous udon in Japan, "String udon" from Kiryuu, which is about 5 cm wide, and "Tatebayashi udon" made by half-drying method
Fujimi-cho, Maebashi City, where I live, is a countryside almost like a plateau, near a road leading to Akagi Mountain. This area was called "Soba Kaido" (Buckwheat Noodles Road). Even today, delicious udon and soba noodles shops are thriving.

Last weekend, a senior cyclist from Tokyo wanted to do the Mt. Haruna Hill Climb, but the expected temperature at the top was about 3 degrees Celsius, so we changed our plans and took the Tone River Cycling Road to Kumagaya "National Treasure, Menuma Shodenzan Temple”.

The "Musashino Udon" in Kumagaya is also very tasty and chewy. I'm talking about udon all the time, aren't I? (Laughs)

On the business front, I went to a business meeting at a ryokan (Japanese inn) in Ikaho Onsen (hot spring) that was going to be renovated.

It was cold again, and there was light rain and wind, but the view from the guest room I was shown was very beautiful, with a sea of clouds. There are many beautiful places close by.

It looks like it will be sunny tomorrow, so I think I will take my camera with me on my morning walk.
I hope I can take a picture of the falling leaves fluttering about.
Please take care of yourself before the busy end of the year.

うどん うどん 温泉 お香 サイクリング 旅館 群馬