July 28, 2023

Information on display fixtures and exhibitions

Information on display fixtures and exhibitions

(The following is translation of the e-mail which was sent to Japanese customers.)



How are you doing?

Everyday I start my greeting with "It's so hot, isn't it? (LOL).
Maebashi has long been said to be one of the hottest cities in Japan, but this year the temperature is almost as high as Maebashi throughout Japan. Even when I went on a business trip to Hokkaido, northern part of Japan, I could not escape from this heat.

In a season like this, we like to enjoy what we can do indoors. Monthly flower arrangement practice is one of them. I like to put the flowers in a water basin. It looks cooler and more comfortable with ice on top of the water, but I wonder if it is not comfortable for the flowers.

I have been introducing special fixtures. The special display fixture for Kampo Incense Thin Bottle and the popular Single Flower Incense are now ready!


We are pleased to announce the completion of YOUYOUANG's original display fixtures. This time, we would like to introduce two fixtures, one for Kampo Japanese Medicinal Incense / Thin Bottle and the other for popular Single Flower Incense.

We took pictures of the image of the fixtures placed in the store at Hinoya, which has been our customer for a long time.

We designed the fixture for Thin Bottles with a slant to make it easy to pick up. Five bottles of each type can be lined up. Scent samples are lined up in front.

The fixture for Single Flower Incense is arranged vertically like this!

It surely doesn't look like incense, but I think you can tell what it is used for (laughs).

If you specify "Please give us a fixture" when you order, we will send it to you together with your order. Of course, it is free of charge. A renewed sample of the scent will also be included.

September will surely be hot again...what if it's even hotter?
We will be exhibiting at the Tokyo Gift Show again in September. We will be at East 5 Hall, Fragrance Fair, East 5-T44-16.
If you do not receive an invitation, please let us know. We will send it to you.
We will be waiting for you with salt candy.

Not a cloud in the azure sky of Mt. Akagi. It is a clear day again today!
Let's enjoy a beer after work and get through the day!