April 24, 2024

Incense Plate for Incense of Natural Essential Oil and a run chasing the departing cherry blossoms

Incense Plate for Incense of Natural Essential Oil and a run chasing the departing cherry blossoms

(The following is translation of the e-mail which was sent to Japanese customers.)


This is Kanako Yoshida from YOUYOUANG.
How are you doing?


The long-awaited cherry blossom season is about to pass in the blink of an eye this year, too. As it is sad that cherry blossom season is coming to an ends, I planned to go for a run around Maebashi's cherry blossom viewing spots on my day off. I started from the magnificent weeping cherry blossoms that bloom along the cycling road, and jogged 16 km slowly through Maebashi Park and along the Momonoki-gawa River lined with Somei-Yoshino cherry trees. I received power from the spring fairy.


Somei-Yoshino trees illuminated by the setting sun. This is a picture taken on the way home from work. The blurriness with the backlight is like a spring haze. It is a moment when I think, what a beautiful world we live in.

I have been working on many original product projects recently, so I regret that I cannot talk about them now. But we are planning to unveil them in stores nationwide around GW, so please let me introduce them to you next time.


Another project was making incense plates for "Incense of Natural Essential Oil". The simple scent made from the oils of flowers is used in the room and it has quickly become a popular product. The package of the incense has an illustration of each flower for easy recognition. But the incense itself is not colored, so the only difference in color is the shade of the original oil. It has a very plain and simple texture. But that is what I like about it.


Before I knew it, I had a feeling that I wanted to make an incense plate for " Incense of Natural Essential Oil" ......, and it hasn't gone away. I decided that ifwas that interested so much, I would make one.


It is a slightly larger 14cm circle shaped incense plate than the ones I have made so far, and you can safely use Incense of Essential Oil. When I encrusted it with illustrations of flowers used in package of Incense of Essential Oil, it looked like a cake plate (laugh). It could also be used as an accessory tray when not burning incense.


When there are flowers in a room, the whole space becomes softer and the mood is lifted, isn't it? I would be happy if you feel that way.

Young grass is sprouting and spring is deepening. The main characters in the fields and mountains are blooming and competing with each other as if they are taking turns week by week.


It is a precious and refreshing season before the rainy season. Please stay more active than ever.