August 17, 2023

I climbed Japan's highest mountain, Mt. Fuji

I climbed Japan's highest mountain, Mt. Fuji

(The following is translation of the e-mail which was sent to Japanese customers.)



How are you doing?

It is 38 degrees Celsius every day in Maebashi. I've been skipping jogging, which is my habit every morning, because of the heat these days. I decided to go to the highest altitude in Japan. Mt. Fuji.

We arrived at Mizugatsuka Park at 1450 meters at 5:30 in the morning. This time, we started climbing from here. The route is the Fujinomiya route.

At first, the trail course was full of greenery. There was plenty of shade, a pleasant breeze, and beautiful moss growing on fallen trees. It was the best. While it was cool, we took a bite of some popular bread in Kyoto that we got as a souvenir. Delicious bread in the great outdoors. I was so happy! I felt like Heidi, Girl of the Alps. I wished the road was like this all the way up.

At the 6th station where we gradually approached the rocky area, we stayed at a mountain hut that day. We had plenty of time, so before having a beer, we went for a walk halfway up Mt. Hoei. In the evening, we could see a sea of clouds boiling and flowing. It was a spectacular sight.

The next morning, we finished breakfast before the sun rose and made our way to the top!
 You have to come all the way to the top to see this amazing view. I was impressed here as well.

We were not here to see the sunrise, so we didn’t get stuck in a traffic jam, but we passed many climbers on Mt. Fuji, which is very popular. Even though we were getting tired, our legs naturally kept moving as we said "Hello" to each other. From the 8th station, we had to wear gloves and held on to the rocks as we climbed. From the 5th station, there is a hut at every first station (or 0.5 stations in some places). The price of water sold at a hut goes up as the altitude goes up (lol). From the 9th station, we were almost crawling on all fours. The summit comes into view. Ah, here we are!

After the climb, we first paid our respects at the Fuji Hongu Sengen Shrine. And to my surprise, there was a post office at the summit., Fuji Summit Post Office. I had a certificate of climbing issued there! It would be a little happy to be transferred here. How will I commute to work? I would like to ask next time. We took a break and walked up to the highest peak, Kengamine (3,776m). The angle is so steep that the last slope feels like 45 degrees.
And then... "We finally arrived.

After that, we went around the crater and then took the Prince Route to descend to the fifth station bus stop. I had a headache halfway through the crater route, perhaps due to altitude sickness, but I was back to normal once we got off the mountain.

I think "Red Fuji" means Mt. Fuji bathed in the morning sun, which is a good omen, but the red stratum near the top was a very real "Red Fuji”.

Although we climbed the mountain while saying it was hot and hotter, it was still cooler on Mt. Fuji.

Work has come to an end, but...
We will be exhibiting at the Tokyo Gift Show again.
We will be at East 5 Hall, Fragrance Fair, East 5-T44-16.
If you have not received an invitation, please let us know. We will send it to you.

The heat will be on for a while. Please take care of yourself.