September 20, 2023

The exhibition report and Sado island

The exhibition report and Sado island


(The following is translation of the e-mail which was sent to Japanese customers.)



How are you doing?


It is still lingering summer heat in September, isn't it?

"Tokyo Gift Show Autumn 2023" was held last week.

The influence of Corona has faded away, and we had many visitors from Japan and abroad.

It's a great time to meet new customers as well as old ones.

I create products with the idea of relaxing people's mind with scent,'' and when I meet customers, my heart is healed. thank you very much.

Our new product, Softly Scented Business Card Incense,'' was also very well received.

Just by placing it on a business card, you could feel lingering scent. Please give it a try.

I was wearing a kimono (it has long sleeves) to hide my sunburn this time as well.

The cause of my sunburn was the "Sado International Triathlon" held three days before the exhibition.

This week is probably the physically hardest week of the year, as it is scheduled just before the exhibition every year.

Due to the extremely hot weather, there were concerns that the race would not even be held, but in the end it was held as normal without any changes.

I participated in the middle race: 2km swim, 108km bike ride, and 21km run.


On the day of the race, the water was 28 degrees Celsius and there was an outbreak of jellyfish (lol).

It took me 55 minutes to complete the swim (2km) despite being stung. The vast scenery of Sado is wonderful on a bike.

The course along the coast is pleasant, and since it's an island, there are many hills so you won't get bored.

It was so hot that I poured water over my head at the aid station (rest area) and sunscreen fell off. (lol) It took me nearly 5 hours to complete.

The run consisted of two 10km laps under the scorching sun on a course with no shade along the coast.

I walked slowly on the first lap, but feeling sorry for the people cheering me on along the way, I changed my mind and ran most of the way on the second lap.

I completed the entire distance (21km) in over 3 hours and finally reached the goal.

It's been a long day. It was hot.

The next day I packed and shipped the bike.

From the car on the way to the port, I was able to see a natural treasure, Japanese crested ibis, for the first time.

Its salmon-pink flamingo-like feathers were very elegant.

The sight of it standing in the beautiful countryside of Sado looks like a painting.


On my way home on the bullet train, I took out Zuko (powder incense) / Lavender'' from my backpack and dabbed it on my shoulder.

Although I was using it incorrectly (lol), it felt nice and refreshing like a poultice made of herbs.

It has finally become easier to get through the mornings and evenings, but it is said that the summer fatigue will appear in the fall.

Everyone please be careful.