August 24, 2021

online shop has been opened

online shop has been opened

(The following is an English translation of the column for Japanese customers.)


I'm Y from You You Ang.

How are you doing?


The heated Olympics are over, Obon (Obon is a traditional Japanese event to welcome the spirits of ancestors.) holidays are over, and it feels like summer is over, and I feel like autumn lol.


Today's topic is "A new online shop has been opened".

The online shop for overseas customers, which we started making around the beginning of this year, has finally been completed.

The new online shop supports 10 languages such as English, Spanish, French and Chinese.

Of course, it also supports Japanese, so I hope you can see it!

* For purchases from within Japan, the shop for Japan ( is recommended.


The big difference from our existing online shop is that the new one focuses on You You Ang's way of thinking, what we want to make, and our commitment.


We made 1 video to dig deeper and make it easier to understand what kind of company You You Ang is.


The video is at the bottom of the new online shop.



In the video, our director talks about how she started making incense as You You Ang and her commitment to production.


We also had a video taken at the factory in Awaji Island to show how You You Ang's incense is made.


This is an introductory video that contains almost all of You You Ang, so please take a look.


Next, “8 minutes incense” that has just been released.



It will be available at the online shop in this summer.



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