March 29, 2023

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom

(The following is translation of the e-mail which was sent to Japanese customers.)



How are you doing?


The cherry blossoms are finally in full bloom in Maebashi, about 10 days after they started blooming in Tokyo. Unfortunately, it was raining over the weekend, but I went out to see the cherry blossoms with an umbrella. The cherry blossoms that were slightly wet with rain had a different atmosphere from usual.


It was sunny this morning, so I went jogging to the park where the cherry blossoms are blooming. This place is near my office, and it was in full bloom as expected! "I see them every year, and it's really beautiful." I didn’t notice the time passing.


A friend of mine gave me some spring-like tea the other day. Herbal tea made with only cherry leaves. The scent is exactly the scent of “sakura mochi” (cherry blossom rice cake). It smelled soft and was very relaxing.


I thought again that I would like people to relax with our cherry blossom scent. I will study more so that I can deliver a scent close to "fresh flowers".


Cherry Incense / Gift Box


Even after the cherry blossoms fall, cute flowers will come out one after another from now on.

It's easy to get sick on a chilly day like yesterday, so please take care of yourself.

SAKURA Spring お線香 お香