November 04, 2021

Burning red kochia for only 5 days.

Burning red kochia for only 5 days.

(The following is an English translation of the column for Japanese customers.)

I'm Y from You You Ang.

How are you doing?

It has become more and more like autumn and it is getting cold. Just when I wanted to take a picture of autumn scenery, I learned about the shocking fact that "Kochia (Burningbush) (Bassia)'s burning red leaves can be seen for only 5 days a year" on a weekend morning. Then I went to "Hitachi Seaside Park" in the rain.


In "Hitachi Seaside Park", the wide hill there is fully covered with beautiful nemophila (baby blue eyes) in spring and kochia in autumn, which is wonderful like a dream. As it was raining and windy, I could only take pictures with water droplets on the lens. But I thought I could take good pictures. A kochia was round and fluffy, and it looked very cute when I saw it nearby.


In autumn, when you can feel the clear air in the cold of morning and evening, the chic scent will suit. I would like to introduce agarwood and sandalwood for the first time in a long time.


As the name suggests, "Incense Stick for Cleansing and Healing, Natural Agarwood and Sandalwood" are very rare incense that contains natural fragrant wood, oil, machilus thunbergii powder, and 5% of crystal powder that is said to have the power of purification.

Agarwood is not the finest Tani agarwood, but good quality Thai agarwood is used. Beyond the pleasant bitterness peculiar to fragrant wood, a faint sweetness can be felt. In a word, it has a "very calming" scent. It might be good to describe it as a scent that makes you want to read historical novels during the long autumn nights, mightn’t it?

By the way, my presbyopia is getting worse, and I can read books and check newspapers until lunch time by daylight. Reading at night is impossible unless I use a kindle that can enlarge the characters.


Sandalwood is from Indonesia. This is also not the finest Rozan sandalwood, but it is of very good quality. I think it has a good balance of sandalwood-like freshness and sweetness.


The standard and popular value box can be used as a gift by putting it in the [Value Box Gift Box Set].


Agarwood and sandalwood are also available in the new autumn product [8 min. incense].

[Agarwood] The color of the fan on the box is light green. Contains 20 pieces.

[Sandalwood] The color of the fan on the box is light pink. Contains 30 pieces.


As I was writing, it started to rain again.

It's going to be cold tonight, so let's have something warm such as yudofu (boiled tofu).

Agarwood Sandalwood