May 27, 2022

Breezy May and clients in little distant countries

Breezy May and clients in little distant countries

(The following is translation of the email which was sent to Japanese customers.)


I'm Y from You You Ang.

How are you doing?


May is a pleasant season of fine weather before the rainy season. Every weekend, I feel like going out somewhere.


Last week I was invited by the weather to drive to Karuizawa. I parked my car at Mikage irrigation water that I always stop by, and jogged to Kumoba Pond, which is famous for its autumn colors while looking sideways at the Bill Gates House. The fresh green of the maple leaves is fresh and beautiful this time of year. It feels great.



Over the last two years, the number of overseas clients has increased. I am very grateful for this, as recent circumstances make it difficult for me to travel overseas. The most distant customer among recent customers is "WAZA shop" in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a shop of discerning Japanese products with kitchen knives, plant scissors, traditional crafts, etc. made by craftsmen.


In addition, "Bows & Arrows" in Paris, France with whom we have regular meetings, sells Kampo herbal incense and sanctuary and so on. We are also planning original products, and we are looking forward to future development.


There are many more nice shops. Let me introduce them to you from time to time.


Today's it was raining heavily in Maebashi like a typhoon in the morning. Now it is fine and sunny. I remembered wishing strongly as a child that it had been May all year round. (lol)

Agarwood Sandalwood お線香 お香