September 17, 2021

“8 minutes incense” has arrived

“8 minutes incense” has arrived

(The following is an English translation of the column for Japanese customers.)


I'm Y from You You Ang.

How are you doing?


It rained every day in Maebashi, but it cleared up yesterday after a long time.

Well, first of all, from the introduction of our new product.



8 minutes incense ~ Immediately wrapped up in a scent, 8-minute incense trip ~ 660 yen tax included.

As the name suggests, the burning time of “8 minutes incense” is about eight minutes.

In your gap time, go on a "scent trip" with your favorite scent.

It is a small palm-sized package.

Please take a look at the attached introduction video which shows the product inside the package and how to use it.




Due to the repeated extension of declaration of state of emergency, I can't feel radiant. But I am reviewing the current products, thinking that I will do what I can do one by one.

Among them, today I would like to talk about the renewal of "Hinoki" incense.


The scent of hinoki cypress is very sensitive to heat, and the scent quickly fades away. In addition, high-quality scents are limited to domestic and Taiwanese hinoki cypress, and the oil is very expensive. What's more, it is hard to express its peculiar bitterness with other materials.


The previous one (a mild scent for hinoki cypress) has run out, so taking this opportunity I wanted to make incense with a scent using only "natural oil". I have repeated trial production since around the end of last year.

I had a hard time because I couldn't make incense with smell that satisfied me. Well, I wonder if it's impossible to make better one. If I don't compromise somewhere, it must be tough for the factory. In the height of this summer at busy Obon season when I started to think about such, I could complete incense with a real hinoki cypress-like scent even when it is burnt.


The 8 minutes incense "Hinoki" is also renewed hinoki cypress incense.

Like a bath made of hinoki cypress, the scent is not sweet at all, but it has an indescribable freshness. "Hinoki" incense in a glass bottle will be revived.

We are planning a new series with 3 products, "Frankincense", "White Sage" and "Hinoki". These three types are such sensitive scents that calm the inside more than gorgeousness.

I’m burning it now. It seems that it will strengthen the grounding (my own foundation). Calm, quiet, and strong.

In words, it's cool, Hinoki.


Everyone, please be careful not to cool yourself in the long autumn rains.


お線香 お香